Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Prisoner of the SeA

Locked up in the middle of the sea
Far away from the nature of normal human being
Restriction of every movement
Bounded by thousands of regulations
Being pushed beyond the human limit

Round the clock we serve for the world
We put the utmost effort
Yet we've never been recognize
We'll keep stayed low
We won't expose ourselves
We won't show how hard we try

The unforgiving sea condition
The reduced manning
The work load
The commercial demand & pressure
The fatigue that we face on the daily basis

But still we choose to be at sea
We can't sleep without the rolling
We can't have the meal without the sweat
We can't lough without the seasick

Once a year we are to be remembered
25 June
It is our Day
To show the world who we are
To show how the multi-million businesses are carried out

To all seaman in the world
We are carrying the pride of floating people
we did everything on our own